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Face Serums

I wholeheartedly support keeping your skin routine simple (and effective), so my products easily blend together or can be pieced into your existing routine. I recommend using face serums after cleansing, while your skin is still damp. For an extra dose of glow, use a face mask between cleansing and serum a few times a week.

After you mask, your skin will be ‘open’ and ready to absorb whatever comes next. Now is the time to make your next step really count. First, you’ll want to apply a light mist of toner or your steam water – it will be the hydration you’re about to lock in. When you apply your face serum, don’t use much, you can always add more if needed. Dab and press it onto your damp skin with your clean fingertips. You can blend after you’ve done this, but you want that oil heading straight into your pores rather than be smoothed around the top of them. I like to add a spritz of toner again, after pressing and before I blend for an even, glowing finish.

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